Jeanne K

I Was born in Morgantown, West Virginia, grew up in the little river town of Paden City, and lived in Marietta, Ohio, for 20 years working as Financial Manager for a law firm.

Before I could explore job opportunities in a Charleston law firm, I was standing in the parking lot of WVRC and was asked to be the new Traffic Reporter.  I replied that I had no broadcasting experience, and the response was that an experienced broadcaster was not what the company was looking for, but rather someone who was responsible, offered a friendly voice, and was “reasonably” intelligent.  A year later, I found my reasonably intelligent self working on V100 talking to air… at least that’s the way it seemed.  So I ripped photos out of a magazine of women and men who looked to be my age, and pretended I was talking to them.  I tossed those pictures soon after I began meeting folks in the community and realized I was talking to some pretty amazing real live people and playing music they liked.

I have two awesome children – a son in Indiana and a daughter in Mexico, children-in-law, grandchildren, two dogs, and a fat cat.  Various foster dogs from the local animal shelter spend time in my home while they await their fur-ever family.

My playtime includes learning to speak Spanish, playing piano and guitar, and painting. I exhibit my artwork in the FestivAll Charleston’s Capitol Street Art Fair every summer.

Traveling to Mexico is another joy!  One time I asked my kids to take me to a restaurant I loved in Mexico. Growing up in a small town, who knew I would someday have a “favorite restaurant” in another country?  Or turn out to be “reasonably intelligent?”


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